Tuesday, December 27, 2005

60 Frames Per Second 15 - Free Game Edition

Episode 15, free game edition, just got finished. This upload might not work in feeds. I have had a ton of trouble, but I have no idea if this will work or not. Hoping it will. We have a ton of cool games in this episode, and you will like most of them, if not all! Some news made the cut, but not much at all. If you want the games, look in my shownotes at the bottom of this post. The quality = crap. Reason being my webcam (with built in mic) recorded it instead of my dedicated mic. I am still planning on getting a new mic, so be prepared for that in another episode. Well, here you go!

High Quality 128kbps

You can also find streams on my Podnova and Odeo sites)


News Links
64-Bit Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2 Survivor
Xbox Live Diamond
Xbox 360 Achievements


War Rock
Samorost 2

Sim City Classic
Halo Zero
Dragons Lair DS
Ultima 5 Lazarus
GoldenEye 007 Source
The Legend of Zelda Outlands
Polarium Online
Jake 2

Falling Sand Game
1980's Games
DOS Games
Canvascape - 3D Walker
Linux Games
Mouse 1.0

Ported to a new medium
Halo Trading Card Game
World of Warcraft Board Game


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