Tuesday, November 15, 2005

60 Frames Per Second 11

UPDATE 3 (final): Finally, it is done today! I am sorry for the wait. I will be looking for the feeds to see if they work. It's weird that episode 12 is already being worked on with this one just releasing. I might consider changing my hosting from archive.org if this happens again. It is free though... Be sure to get it, this is probably my favorite one yet!

UPDATE 2: The person who curates or whatever said in the forums his internet was down. It got approved recently and they are copying files to location. It should be done before lunch today. If you subscribe with the feedburner feed, and it got this post, refresh the feed and see if it works. I might just have to make a new post with it in it.

UPDATE 1: OK, this is the longest I have ever waited for a podcast to be approved. I uploaded it last night around 10:30 p.m., in central times, and it is now almost 5 p.m. of the next day. I have no idea why the won't, but if your feed has updated, it takes the only remaining download link that works, and it happens to be the ogg from episode 10. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THAT, unless you want last episodes again. I will keep everyone informed on what's happening, but my internet is from a wireless tower, and there is a tornado watch and everyone is in shelters or at home. Keep looking for this one. Sorry about it.

Episode 11 of 60 Frames per Second is officially over. This one might be even better than my personal favorite from last episode! We do everything from reviewing 360 demo's, and Battlefront 2, to talking about custimization and delays. We also have some flash games, and a program that is small and useful for online gaming. What about pictures and demo's of Final Fantasy 12? Got that too my friends. So of course you are going to want to download this episode right now! Also, everyone who wanted the Ogg Vorbis of last episode, I apologize for the wrong link, here is the real one. By the way, subsribe to my feeds, in Odeo, Podnova, iTunes, or whatever, since I can get a good view of my listener amounts. Please send feedback people, leave comments, it just helps me out more. Thanks!

Direct Download Links
High Quality 128kbps (used in all feeds)
Lower Quality 64kbps
Ogg Vorbis

64kbps streamed .m3u
(you can also find streams on my Podnova and Odeo sites)

Archive.org Info Page


NES Micro Design
Star Wars 360 Faceplates
Mario Kart Decal Maker
BGB Micro Faceplates
Micro Skins
Kotaku DS Skins
Dreamcast 2.0?
Elder Scrolls...Delayed...Again
Kameo Box/Manual Pics
Wal-Mart Kiosk/Card Pics
360 Backwards Compatible
Zero Hour
Revolution Remote Control
Sam and Max Return
Gamer 30 or over No's
Final Fantasy XII Preview
Mark Rein and Revolution
ChainSaw Maniac
Warcraft III in Flash
Who's Connected?


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