Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, it just came to my attention...

...that the episode of last week cuts off at around 11 minutes. I got an e-mail that states when they were listening to episode 13, it stops at 11 minutes through. This could very well be possible, since I don't re-download the file and check it out after it is uploaded, since I have the version already. Why did it do this? I don't know. No way I can tell, but I figure it just didn't get fully uploaded to right. The episode is actually just under 42 minutes, so you are missing a lot. As of now I am re-uploading the file to, maybe you all will have it by today or tommorow.

Sorry about that, and next time if anyone notices it, send an e-mail immdeiatly, or leave a comment, it might not just be your copy.

P.S. Next episode, next week. I will give more info on release dates for the versions next episode.


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