Monday, December 05, 2005

Well, no episode today...or tommorow night....

I was ready to finish it today, I really was. The whole thing is prepared, and I have it ALL done! Even the shownotes are ready to deliver for you all. I just need a microphone. Yes, I don't have one at the moment. Well, I guess this means I can't put out an episode today, unless you want me to write it and feed it to a text to speech thing and make it all robotisized!! I guess you have to wait another day or two, on top of the two weeks of waiting from Thanksgiving. I assure you this will be a good episode...well if you like the 360. By the way, a spoiler on episode 14, since I have recycled a lot of stuff to it from this one, it will have a LOT of free games in it, so I would delete your...big files...for some games. Anyway, be prepared, probably uploaded by Wednesday morning, and a good episode.

Sorry again...


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