Sunday, January 01, 2006

60 Frames Per Second 16 - Game Impressions

Episode 16 of 60 FPS is done. I have for uploading, so this is feed happy. This one centers around games and what I think of them, and not news. I talk about a plethora of games, like PDZ, Spartan Total Warrior, Quake 4, FIFA '06, Condemned, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Full Auto, and even a hardware review of the Xbox 360. They are each pretty in depth, or just talked about with my experiences. There are some stuff on NookWay (at time of recording, NookBay, not my fault for the mistake, they changed it or something), Crates and Barrels in games, and more in the news section. Check the shownotes for the little news stuff, but games I talked about aren't linked. This is pretty long, but if you don't care about my review of one game or another, than skip and go to another (PDZ and MK:DS are most in depth.) Here is the meaty stuff, not clean cut (check the hyphen count!)

High Quality 128kbps (used in all feeds)

Streamed .m3u
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Crates and Barrels
Revolution Under $299
Under Defeat - Dreamcast Game
Console Size Comparison


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