Monday, January 09, 2006

60 Frames Per Second 17

Episode 17 is done. This one is kind of back to normal mainy just news. We finally have a podcast theme though, From Ben Drake. His new site to launch this week is Free Podcast Themes and it will have free intro's, which podcasters can claim them to use for their podcast. Best of luck to him, and check out his great music. This episode has some cool news from CES, and a few DS/PSP/Xbox 360 hacks. Look at the shownotes for some of the stuff I talk about. Anway, here is the stuff you want. Downloads and all that.

High Quality 128kbps (used in all feeds)

Streamed .m3u
Streamed In Flash
Odeo Info Page


DOA 4 Spartan 458 Pics...again
Marketplace Region Work-Around
I.C.E. ModChip
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Screens
Quake 2 PSP
Enemy Nations - Now Free RTS
Asheron's Call 2...Last Day's
Hidden Virtual Prison in Second Life
Probe Online Magazine
I Am 8-Bit Art Show
Visteon's Dockable Entertainment with GBA
FF XII PS2 Bundle
The SplitFish GameWare Dual FX
Mario Kart Beta Levels
Beggar Prince for Sega
SOE PlayOnline (For FFXI Beta Sign-Up)


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