Sunday, August 14, 2005

First Ever 60 Frames Per Second Podcast!

It's done! The first ever 60 Frames Per Second podcast has been released, and is ready for download. I have a channel on Odeo, a feed made with FeedBurner, and have sent my feed to iTunes. (they have to OK it) I ended up hosting the files with OurMedia (part of the "tons of bandwith", which is really easy and free. I only have one version of the download, but I might get an uncompressed WAV or super high quality MP3 with download links. It is 14:42 and 13.4 mb. When I get the iTunes feed, I will update everyone.

Here are the downloads.

Direct MP3 Download

FeedBurner FeedFeedBurner Feed (you can copy and paste this into your feed or podcast reader)

My Odeo Channel (odeo/ec89fdccf69e8e44)

Here are the shownotes.

Xbox 360 Controllers Security Device

Second Person Shooter Website

Second Person Shooter Windows Direct Download

Second Person Shooter Linux Direct Download

Extreme Tech Review of Logitech G5 Laser Optical Mouse

Gamespy's Top 25 Gamecube Games Ever

Hackers Slam Everquest 2 Economy

Rampage: Total Destruction Press Release

Hope you enjoyed it, please send me feedback at so I can make it even better.