Saturday, August 27, 2005

A few problems... *UPDATED*

UPDATE: Well, I don't know why I couldn't upload on Thursday, but on Friday,'s co-founder was on Attack of the ourmedia was then bombed with users uploading and watching stuff, taking major bandwith from, which I was uploading to. Expect it out there later today!

As you probably know, the podcast is aready a week late. I am so sorry for the people who have 1) Un-subscribed to me feed 2) Lost interest or the cool 3) Still waiting... Well, we ended up recording it late, which is only half the problem. We had a little trouble getting it done, so it was recorded Monday. Then, I started editing on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is finally done, so I go to to post it on the web. It wouldn't upload. One of the reasons was that it was bigger than a 10mb file, so I downloaded their upload tool. It won't connect to the internet. So I figured my internet connection was messed up, even though I was Google Talkin and on MSN Messenger, so I went to any random website. They were slower than average, but I got there! So I gave up. The next day, I donwloaded the Creative Commons upload tool, to get it on, but guess what. No connection. Now I am not at my house, using another computer, but hopefully, if my computer likes me, tommorow I will have it up on the web. It is going to be some older news, but I didn't just want to scrap this version after all the work.