Friday, September 16, 2005

Tokyo Game Show...I am still in awe!

Wow. I have been looking at all the Tokyo Game Show news/pictures/footage, and I am completely amazed! Microsoft has shown me some awesome games I am going to want very soon. Sony has shown me Metal Gear Solid 4, which is making me think about getting the PlayStation 3 over an Xbox 360 even more. But, of course, the biggest, the Revolution controller. You have probably seen it by now, and you probably felt a knot in your stomach for the first glance at the images. Of course, my Internet connection went down as I was clicking on the news article about it, so I had to restart with a picture of a remote in my head. I read about 20 different news articles on it, and am waiting for the video to be downloadable very soon (streaming version has picture ahead of sound) A sensor that detects movement? I'm still kind of skeptical, but am really hoping it will work for games like Metroid Prime 3, because we need a "Halo killer" of sorts. Another good FPS that is really cool. On my Revolution, I can't wait to be sitting down and aiming with this laser sensor. For episode 4, it will be mostly TGS coverage. The games, the consoles, the controllers, and everything else we can fit will be discussed! I am hoping a Sunday release is possible, but probably up on Monday. It will be longer, because I still haven't decided what will make the cut yet. I have a lot to talk about, and it was a sort of slow week (was going to be talking about a bunch of "hands on" previews) until TGS, and now I am completely packed. Be ready for the next, TGS edition, of 60 Frames Per Second!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

60 Frames Per Second Episode 3 - Better late than never?

Episode 3 is officially on the web! After battles with uploading to sites, I finally got to do the job. Now, not only do I have a direct download link, I have 3! A regular 128kbps high quality, 64kbps of a lower quality, and an Ogg Vorbis! So check them out! The feeds should finally be updated with episode 3, and episode 4 will be in production this week, and out this weekend if all goes well! It runs at 23:46 minutes, which is around the same as the previous ones. So here are the links!

Direct Link to 128kbps download - 22.8mb
Direct Link to 64kbps download - 11.4mb
Direct Link to Ogg Vorbis download - 21mb

The feeds are in the sidebar, and a Podnova one has been added, hopefully I can find how to get an iTunes one in there too. The 128kbps will be the download in the feed, but if enough people want the .ogg and the lower quality ones, I might make seperate feeds for each. Also, I mentioned that the Xbox 360 Live prices were all rumors...consider those now facts. They were announced by Microsoft with only small changes, nothing I really talked about though. Hope you like it, and thanks for sticking with me throughout my not so consistent first podcast trilogy!