Monday, December 19, 2005

60 Frames Per Second 14

Episode 14 is done. Before you go listening, in the intro, where I talk about some of the news in this episode, the intro music starts playing. Yes, I know that is bad, but I will fix it tommorow, I have worked on this too much tonight (for around 8 hours straight). This took a while to figure out how to upload, since adopted a new way for it just to confuse people. I had to FTP through Internet Explorer for it to work right. Now I am sitting here, mad because I remember downloading 15 different FTP clients to get one to work, and now after getting FTP Commander, I don't even need it. This new way is good yet bad. Good because I don't have to wait for it to get approved, bad because it is confusing and I only have one download link! Oh well. This episode has a lot of cool, and informative, news, along with some websites to check out, new releases, and my review of the ported Half-Life 2 for the Xbox. It is a cool episode I think, and my review of Half Life 2 was a good one I think. Appologies in advance for calling One One Se7en StuntMutt, since StuntMutt is the author, not the title! It is a little over 40 minutes, but before editing, I was 3 seconds less than an hour, which I thought was funny. Podcast intros are needed, hopefully I get a few cool ones in the coming weeks. If I get an outstanding one, I might use it for every episode! Well, below are the links for everything that you would want!

Downloadification! (Yeah, I know, sorry 64kbps and Ogg...Archive didn't spit them out!)
High Quality 128kbps (used in all feeds)

Streamification! (But they gave me a few streams!)
Streamed .m3u
Streamed In Flash
You can also find streams on my Podnova and Odeo sites) Info Page


No Less Than Everything
New 360 Games
StuntMutt - One One Se7en Comic
Revolution Specs
Revolution Controller
Mario Kart DS - Offline to Online
Japanese Adidas Kiosk
FPS Weapon of Choice
Second Life Blog
Another 360 vs. Xbox Comparison
Lowdown411 Xbox Collection
Engadget at Xbox
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Nintendo Displacement Mapping
Nintendo Against RIAA?
Animal Crossing Tunes
Everquest Titanium
UT 2007 Screenshots
Mario Tatoo on DS
Revolution Controller Video
E3 Site

P.S. Be sure to save hard drive space for next episode. We have a ton of free games!