Tuesday, October 25, 2005

60 Frames Per Second 9!

Episode 9 is done. Now, before you go download and then listen, assuming you haven't already, I know that the audio quality in this is bad. It isn't terrible, but just not normal. I have no idea why it is like this, but next episode it will most likely be fixed. It is short, but not a whole lot happened this week. Also, I mentioned last time I doubted that this episode would be out on a Monday! Well, I guess I was wrong, in a way. I just had to wait for a curator to approve it over night, but I guess I can't complain since it is free. Next week a lot of PS2 games worth noting are coming out, so I might have a review for ya. Other than that, check out the shownotes, and download.

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High Quality 128kbps (used in all feeds)
Lower Quality 64kbps
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64kbps streamed .m3u
(you can also find streams on my Podnova and Odeo sites)

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