Monday, January 30, 2006

...maybe not

Well, I just got ready to record after I posted a couple of hours ago. As I was getting ready, I noticed the mouse ball on my mic (it helps a lot when recording) wasn't moving my mouse cursor. So, I didn't think much on it, started Audacity, and clicked record. Did the normal "This is Adam Carrico" intro thing, but all that recorded was on straight line...which either meant I was REALLY quiet, or that it wasn't getting the signal. Tried the other ports on my computer, and still nothing. I even tried the old Nintendo cartrige blow in them, but still no signal. So then I resarted, to get the mouse to move for a second, then let out.

So, what does this mean to me and the podcast. Well, until I get the mic fixed, or get a new one, I can't record. How long will it take? I have no idea, but am working on it now. I hope that it works just out of nowhere soon, but highly doubt it. Then again, it could do like the bad quality on a couple of episode's were, to be good the next time. Anyway, I wouldn't expect an episode tonight, or tommorow for that matter, but hopefully I will return this weekend.

Stay here and I will keep you updated!!!

A busy 2 weeks...and an update on that

If you haven't noticed, I didn't put out an episode last week...or this week yet. I have been really busy and most of the time I had was spent with other things beside podcasting. So this week I am back up, and a new episode, although pretty late, will be up at least by Wednesday morning. I have a feeling tommorow sometime would be a better guess though.

I am recording it differently this time, so it speeds up the preperation process. For example, I will be talking about the DS Lite. Normally, I would write up some notes, saying something like this:

-DS Lite
-Unveiled on Japanese Nintendo site
-Smaller (2/3 of regular DS)
-Same screen size
-4 Levels of brightness
-GBA game plug

And maybe a bit more, but you get the picture. This time I am just going by memory, so it should trigger a more from the mind kind of episode. I have no idea how it will work, but we shall see sometime this week.

Anyway, be ready and have you pod-catchers open for at least a couple of days for it.