Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Re-Release of Episode 13

So I have the re-done file, and now it is at a good file size for distribution that tells me it should be a full episode. If you want all the shownotes etc., look for the other post. Here is the download file for those who want it!

Episode 13 128 kbps File
64 kbps file
Ogg Vorbis

Be ready for next weeks episode, full of news and the like! I haven't decided if I will make this my "Full of Free Games" Episode, or wait until Christmas. Either way, it should rock!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, it just came to my attention...

...that the episode of last week cuts off at around 11 minutes. I got an e-mail that states when they were listening to episode 13, it stops at 11 minutes through. This could very well be possible, since I don't re-download the file and check it out after it is uploaded, since I have the version already. Why did it do this? I don't know. No way I can tell, but I figure it just didn't get fully uploaded to archive.org right. The episode is actually just under 42 minutes, so you are missing a lot. As of now I am re-uploading the file to archive.org, maybe you all will have it by today or tommorow.

Sorry about that, and next time if anyone notices it, send an e-mail immdeiatly, or leave a comment, it might not just be your copy.

P.S. Next episode, next week. I will give more info on release dates for the versions next episode.