Tuesday, October 11, 2005

60 FPS Episode 7

Episode 7 of you favorite video game podcast if finally available for download! This episode covers everything cool at X05, including the other big Bungie announcement! Of course, I have talked about the Xbox 360 every episode it seems, I have some other cool stuff in here as well, including the DS and even the Gizmondo device! That's not all, but you will have to listen for the rest! (Or just skim through the shownotes to find out a lot of what I talked about) I do have intro music, not created by me, but I will change it every time. Completely free on the internet, so no worries there! Tell me what you think of them! All the feeds are in the sidebar, conveniantly located to the right of your browser, or even in this post, as well as the downloads after this! So check it out, subscribe, tell your friends, and keep listening to 60 Frames Per Second!

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Hard-Drive Loaded With Goodies Galore!
Bungies Bigger Announcement!
GameTrailers Spectacular Media for X05!
Perfect Dark Zero Trailer!
No Ghost Recon at 360 launch!?!
Garage Games Xbox Arcade exclusive Marble Madness!
DS Wifi News!
Translated DS Info Page!
Nintendo Forum DS Coverage!
Final Fantasy III Screenshot 1!
Final Fantasy III Screenshot 2 and 3!
Gizmondo Website!
Cheapo Revolution?
King Kong Demo!!!
EB Games + Gamestop = Gamestop Corporation!

From Last Show
Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion In-game action!