Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Episode 2 released...finally!

Alright people, The "60 Frames Per Second Episode 2 - News from a Week Ago" podcast has finally hit! From troubles with getting the guest host (yes, guest host, more on that later) to not being able to upload it...then the news you don't know, that I don't have the shownotes! I doubt people really care a whole lot, but I will have them for all future episodes!! I do have one bit of it left, because I mentioned in the show I would post them, so here are the Spartan: Total Warrior preview and Stuck Gamer links. As I said, this news is fairly old, but you might actually learn something though! We have a temporary co-host for this episode, but I will try to get other people involved, so it can be fresh and exciting every week! I also have gotten Xbox Live and Nintendogs since the recording, so my Gamertag is Ac91, been playing mostly Halo 2, but occasionally some Mech-Assualt, Burnout 3, and even Tetris! More talking about my first week, and the difficulties of getting online next week. The feeds are now in the sidebar, so you can just click and get where you want. Here are the download links for the show (hosted by filefront this week, since ourmedia officially s me!)

Direct Mp3 Link #1
Direct Link #2
Direct Link #3
Direct Link #4
Direct Link #5

Just giving a few direct links for it, but I have around 12 or 13, since Filefront is nice, and there is one on the title link. (for feedburner) Try here for a list of more. Also, the feed links are in the sidebar, so check them out. Hope to get a link from ourmedia out, because it was easier to upload and get a link from. Not sure if these links will change or stay the same URL.

Thanks for listending to us, and stay with us for some great news about the cast, and some stuff about other podcasts... :)