Thursday, September 29, 2005

60 Frames Per Second Episode 5

It is out and on the net! Can I get a w00t! This episode is extra special for two reasons, one, its shorter than 30 minutes (which isn't technically good, but hey), and I got to say 1337! Anyway, I am trying to put aside the fact I got delayed from a bunch of bunnies, but I think you guys will be OK with it (not like I'm usually early!) I can go ahead and tell you that next weeks cast will either be a Monday or Tuesday release, since I will be gone for the weekend. So, stay tuned to the sites, and listen to this for some cool info. Not the next episode, but number 7, I might have some intro music playing for ya'll. Maybe it will be good if I can do it well enough with my very few editing skills (highlight, delete, record, etc. very basic for this podcast) Well, download now, read later, then check the shownotes for the stuff you want more of.

Direct Download Links
High Quality 128kbps
Lower Quality 64 kbps
And the Ogg Vorbis

Stream it! (.m3u) Information Page

In the Sidebar! (Yes, I'm lazy, but they are RIGHT THERE!!!)

GameBoy Micro Opening
Xbox 360 GamerTag Changing (Video has been removed, but this article talks about it briefly)
Microsoft XWand Research Page
XWand Video in Action
Saints Row Interview (Information I got in bold near bottom)
Origen Xbox 360
Ebay Xbox 360 Controller Auction Page
Thread about Revolution Specs (middle of page, look for username Han Solo)
Ninja Gaiden Black Review
Real-Time Metal Gear Solid 4 with Kojima
Perfect Dark Zero - The Statement
Forum Thread About Peter Jackson Directing Halo Movie
Gears of War Running at...16 Frames Per Second!!! Thats 44 less than us!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A real reason of delay! (seriously!)

Well, as you know a podcast wasn't released yesterday. I did have a legitimate reason, but now after the reason I waited, it really shouldn't have been. I knew that today would be updated, and final. So I decided, hey, why not just wait until Tuesday to do it, and get it out Wednesday night. Well, it's Tuesday, and the site was updated with.... a really crappy bit of “news”. Apparently, its a contest for European gamers where you answer 3 questions, and get entered into a contest to go to a 360 launch event. Not only is it just a contest, instead of some news like a bunch of Halo 3 screens (my personal favorite rumor), but it's European only. Most of the listeners here are American or Canadian, but if there are some Europeans, you are semi-lucky. For the rest of us... all this hype for nothing. Expect episode 5 to be released tomorrow evening. Consider this a teaser of the episode, but make this the least cool story of the bunch! :D